juin 1, 2023

SolarXOne has successfully demonstrated its class leading design advantages during a 5-days maritime surveillance mission in France

SolarXOne has successfully demonstrated its class leading design advantages during a 5-days maritime surveillance mission in France. Together with its commercial partner Ventura and on behalf of the Directorate General for Maritime Affairs, Fisheries and Aquaculture (DGAMPA), XSun’s uncrewed airborne platform has show-cased its unique combination of capabilities.

SolarXOne is able to deliver the detailed coverage, technical support and evidence during day and night missions. Its cutting-edge operational advantages include, but are not limited to:
- The extremely low acoustic and visual footprint enhances the ability to gather information.
- Rapid set-up and deployment
- Low maintenance, long endurance, sustainable platform with class leading redundancies.
- The drones stealth, ability to loiter and high quality sensors enabled observation over and above that provided by larger traditional manned platforms with an in-depth analysis of the fishing activities of each vessel.
- The system makes it possible to detect and document:
o   The position of the vessel;
o   The detailed configuration and operation of a vessel’s fishing gear and conformity;
o   The style of fishing and even the type of fish being caught;
o   The name of the vessel;
o   The vessel radio call-sign;
o   The vessels registration détail ;
o   Non-conformity with local laws and regulations.
SolarXOne is the ideal solution for maritime surveillance applications maintaining discretion & stealth, class leading sensors and identification performance, full automated flight, reliable operational performance and capability to cope with adverse weather conditions during maritime operations. All performed with zero carbon emissions in flight by a robust, 100% electric system.

Due to obvious privacy constraints, showing vessels was not possible, so this short video shows interesting remains from WW2 : floating mulberry harbours (Arromanches). One can see here the stabilisation performance and image quality at around 9km.

SolarXOne démontre ses qualités lors d’une mission de surveillance maritime pendant 5 jours en France avec Ventura pour le compte de la Direction générale des affaires maritimes, de la pêche et de l'aquaculture.
Les avantages mesurés lors des vols de jours et de nuit :

  • La discrétion acoustique et visuelle du drone est totale
  • Le drone permet une meilleure observation qu’un aéronef avec une analyse approfondie et in-fine des activités de pêche de chaque bâtiment 
  • Le système permet de détecter et de parfaitement caractériser :
    • La position du navire ;
    • La situation du navire en action de pêche (funes tendus) ou non ;
    • Le type de pêche voire le type de poisson ;
    • Le nom du navire ;
    • Son indicatif radio ;
    • Son immatriculation ;
    • Les éventuelles infractions de pêche


SolarXOne est une solution idéale pour les applications de surveillance maritime : discrétion complète, performances de détection et d’identification remarquables, vol 100% automatisé, sécurisé du décollage à l’atterrissage, sous pluie, de jour et de nuit, avec vent fort, une belle autonomie et le tout avec un système 100% électrique.



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